Petaluma Solar Power Company

Have you considered solar power energy for your home or business? Solar power energy provides many benefits which you'll learn of.

Find out what green energy options are available by calling (707) 528-7652. Northern Pacific Power Systems has the ability to handle all types of installations and financing to improve your power situation.

Why Choose Northern Pacific Power Systems?

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Deal with a solar power company that is known for seeing a project through to the end with expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail. Our repeat satisfied is evidence of these aspects!

Receive a price quote today by calling (707) 528-7652. Ask us about our high-end solar panel hardware built to last.

Financing Options

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Each client is in a different financial situation, and we're well equipped to offer financing options to suit your needs. Whether it is a line of credit or a program, such as an EEM to pay for panel installation, or something else, our company will make suggestions as to which financing terms are best suited for your particular project.

If you have checked with other solar panel installers, you already know that financing options can be limited. Northern Pacific Power Systems offers a diverse selection of payment plans. We may also offer assistance helping you acquire the line of credit needed for solar projects. Locally funded programs, federal loans, and government assistance may be available for you depending on your qualifications as a residential or commercial user of solar power.

Contact Northern Pacific Power Systems at (707) 528-7652 to discuss the various financing options that you are eligible for.

Organizations and Businesses Save Big with Solar Power

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Our solar panel installation team have completed over a hundred jobs in Petaluma alone! Government entities, as well as privately held firms enjoy the benefits made possible by our start-to-finish company.

Our installers take out all of the guess-work with their experience and attention to detail. Everything is hands-on from beginning to end to ensure a smooth transition. Many businesses and organizations sign up for peak shaving in order to reduce energy costs even further. This is a method that is designed to minimize the cost of consumption during peak energy times during the day. This is a very attractive feature to those that have a strict bottom line to follow.

Find out more about the cost-saving measures that our Petaluma solar company can provide. Contact us at (707) 528-7652 today.

Petaluma's Expert Installers for Solar Panels

Residential customers continue to praise our company for being a top-notch energy provider. With the cost of energy on the rise, we provide many options to create a very feasible budget for homeowners. It is important for residential users to understand the workings of solar power; Northern Pacific Power Systems does a great job at explaining the design and management of our products.

Residential, commercial or government entities can all enjoy the desirable aspects of solar power when choosing Northern Pacific Power Systems as a supplier. Give us a call at (707) 528-7652 to discuss your options.
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