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Napa County’s Top Renewable Energy Resource

Solar power energy is fast becoming a need and generates electricity that can power about 9.1 million homes in the country. The Northern Pacific Power Systems is one of the best places to turn to if you are looking to install solar panels in Napa County.

Whether you are looking for solar panels for your business or your home, we have the answer to all your requirements regarding installation and financing solar panels. If you want to get started right away, give a call at (707) 528-7652 and let us entertain all your queries. We will even provide you with instant quotes and prices to make your journey easier and quicker.

Why We Are the Best

Northern Pacific Power System, Marin County

We understand our client’s needs, especially when something as complicated as installing and financing solar panels is concerned, which is why we are labeled as the best. Some of the other reasons why you should choose us include:

  • We put our customer’s convenience before our own so that they don’t face any difficulty while having solar panels installed.
  • You will find our clients to be highly satisfied with the work we have done for them in the past; it was quick and efficient without any complications.
  • For our wide range of customers, we also offer an array of financing options.
  • Whenever we take up a project we ensure 100% commitment and that all products used are high quality and have a long lifespan
To get in touch for taking the next step, dial us at (707) 528-7652. We will help you fill out a quote form and from there, we will take care of all your requirements.

Solar Financing Options for Homes & Businesses

Northern Pacific Power System, Marin County

Within the last year, the prices of solar energy have dropped by 19% due to which many people are now turning to its installation. Since every client has a different need when it comes to financing, we spend time with each client, assess their background and match their requirements, needs, and budgets with the financing options available with us. If you want to get an idea of your financing option with us, call us at (707) 528-7652.

Two of our most successful options are Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) which can be adjusted according to your budget and the Property Assessed Clean Energy (P.A.C.E) which allows customers to take funding from their county. The later is like a loan that you take from the county and repay in terms of taxes.

Commercial Solar Power for Napa County

Northern Pacific Power System, Marin County

Would you believe that over 47 GW of solar capacity has now been installed? As a business, if you are thinking of hiring us, let us make your reason stronger. We have worked on many projects with government agencies and have taken up on a lot of another standalone projects as well.

During work, you won't even know that we are there as we make sure there is less on-location interference. Also, we ensure all projects are performed with utmost efficiency from the very beginning. We leave no stone unturned and cover all details.

With the rising electricity bills and the need for more consumption as well, there may come a time when the electricity bills skyrocket. It is the main reason why many companies have turned to solar energy. By installing solar power, you can save thousands of dollars in your electricity bills, and you get 30% personal tax credit on installation.

We ensure that you get the best deal in financing, and our solar panels will ensure that you have controlled electric costs. To benefit from the cost-saving method proposed, call us at (707) 528-7652.

Comprehensive Solar Panel Installation Services for Napa County

Every home needs to go green as well since our energy resources are depleting and we need to save for the future generations. Also, the cost factor plays a huge role in making many houses switch to solar energy. To date, we have managed to finance and install many homes in Napa County. You don’t need to worry about installation anymore as we offer many different services which exceed expectations.

Whether you are a business or a home looking for solar panel installation, call Northern Pacific Power Systems at (707) 528-7652.
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