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Do you need to find solar power contractors for your home or business solar power project? Check with Northern Pacific Power Systems and you won't need to look anywhere else to meet your needs.

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What Makes Us the Best When it Comes to Solar Power?

Northern Pacific Power System, Marin County

Our clients like convenience, and that is why they choose us as their preferred solar panel contractors. The ease with which we make projects go from beginning to end has led some of our clients come back more than once for other projects. Read below to learn about our outstanding selection of options for financing. Your satisfaction is our primary aim so we are committed to achieving that and base our recommendations on it. We install solar panels of the highest durability and the most updated technology because this is important for you and therefore, important for us.

Want “The Best”? Call us at (707) 528-7652 and talk to one of our staff at Northern Pacific Power Systems. You can begin the process by using our convenient quote form!

Financing for Solar Panels

Marin County Solar Panel Company

For business and residential projects, people want and need financing options that best fit their particular situations. This might include such things as line of credit terms. We evaluate each project and make certain that you get financing terms that work for you. Energy Efficient Mortgage is one of the ways a number of our clients choose to finance the installation of solar panels. When you call us or meet with us to begin discussing your project, we go over all the suitable options with you so you can decide on the terms you need.

Most solar panel contractors offer limited financing options. We understand that businesses and families may need types of financing these others don't give them so we have options for almost any project a business or resident needs. One of the more unique financing option we have available is called the Property Assessed Clean Energy program. Unlike conventional financing, this program uses county funds upfront and you repay the "loan" as part of your property tax bill. When you sell your home, it is paid off as though it is a tax liability. Go here to see more of the financing options.

Learn more about how you can finance your solar power project.Call Northern Pacific Power Systems at (707) 528-7652.

Marin County Businesses Turning to Commercial Solar Power

Northern Pacific Power System, Marin County

Our business is able to fill any need for solar power. We have completed work for a number of projects that are non-standard, including some for agencies of the local, state and federal government.

We strive to keep interference to businesses to a minimum during our installation process and are attentive to detail. Companies appreciate this and enjoy the savings in cost over the long haul. They are also able to take advantage of incentives from the government on the cost savings and their power usage. Businesses are able to use our peak shaving so they see a cost minimization in power usage during peak power consumption times when electricity costs are at their highest.

As electricity costs rise, it becomes harder for businesses to remain profitable. This means many businesses are turning to solar power to help lower energy costs. Offices use more high technology machines than ever and that trend will only increase with time, which increasing greater power usage as well.

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Marin's #1 Solar Panel Contractors

Our solar services receive 5-star ratings from businesses. Families all over Sonoma County have learned how we can make their homes an energy-producer rather than "energy-hogs." You will find that our contractors in this innovative industry have hundreds of completed residential solar systems to their credit, not only in the county but also all over California. When you call us, you will learn about how your solar energy system will be designed, managed and built. We will also give you information on our local production of renewable power and green energy.

For your business or your home, call Northern Pacific Power Systems (707) 528-7652
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